Heathova rodina na ostrově Johnnyho Deppa

Heath Ledger byl inspirací pro herce Johnnyho Deppa při pojmenovávání pláží na soukromém ostrově na Bahamách. Použil jméno svého tragicky zesnulého kolegy pro jednu z šesti písčitých pláží, které na svém soukromém ostrůvku má. Vedle pláží pojmenovaných po svých dvou dětech (Lily Rose a Jack) a jejich matce – Vanesse Paradis, tak přibylo jméno „Heath´s Place“ na památku přítele. V těchto dnech obletěl svět snímek velké rodiny Ledgerů s Johnny Deppem, kteří, zřejmě na Johnnyho pozvání pózují na pláži, pojmenované právě po Heathovi. 🙂

Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger’s family on Depp’s private Island



Heath Ledger’s Parents, 5 Years After His Death: ‚We Miss Him Every Day‘

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost five years since actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment. He was only 28. While the world will take a day to commemorate him on January 22, Ledger’s parents Sally and Kim gave an exclusive first interview to Australian magazine New Idea and opened up about their late son.

„It has been an extremely difficult five years, as not a day goes by when we don’t feel the immense loss of Heath,“ quotes ContactMusic.com from Ledger’s mother, Sally.

Ledger left behind a daughter, Matilda, now 7, with actress Michelle Williams. The interview reveals her grandparents still keep in close touch with the Academy Award-nominated Williams and her little girl, who takes after her father: „Matilda is indeed very much like her dad — she has long limbs and similar features,“ Sally tells New Idea . „However, she also possesses the beauty of her mamma — lucky girl.“

Ledger’s father, Kim, adds that „Matilda has the same walk as Heath and is such a respectful little kid,“ according to The Daily Telegraph. „Our family has the most wonderful relationship with both Matilda and Michelle; we talk frequently and visit as often as we can.“

Though this is reportedly the first time Ledger’s parents grant an interview sharing their grief, it is not the first time the actor’s dad has spoken out. Just this summer, after the horrific theater shooting that took place during a screening of „The Dark Knight Rises,“ Kim voiced his concern regarding gun laws and asked that his son — who played Joker in the previous Batman movie — doesn’t get blamed.

It also seems like Ledger’s father is keeping true to his promise: Matilda was 2 years old at the time her famous father accidentally overdosed on prescription medication, and was absent from his will. Nevertheless, a few months after the tragedy, Kim spoke out and said Michelle and Matilda „will be taken care of.“

New Idea

New Idea